Copperhead Gin, an elixir of life for Ginmotive 2015

During the summer of 2013 the passionate pharmacist, Yvan Vindevogel, gets triggered by an article which tells the fascinated story of Gin. Intrigued by this medicinal history and the strong connection with his profession he gets inspired. Always in search for a new challenge, Yvan wanted to create an experience for the consumers. Not just an ordinary gin and tonic but one where you are your own alchemist.

Copperhead brings the alchemist history of Gin back to the spotlight. For centuries alchemists
were looking for their “Elixir of Life”; a way of extending life until eternity; which they made
of juniper berries. The medicinal effect of the berries is known since dawn and ingrained
in society thereby making proto-type gin an extremely popular product as a medicine.


Copperhead is positioned among the super premium brands. For the selection of  ingredients that opt for the best quality with the purest botanicals to create a london dry style gin.

Endorsements made proto-Gins seem to be truly an elixir of life. It eases diseases coming of old. It comforts the heart. It heals all old and new sores on the head. It
causes a good colour in a person; it eases the pain in the teeth and causes sweet breath. It heals the shortwinded,it cause good digestion and appetite and takes away belching. It eases the yellow jaundice, the dropsy, the gout, the pain in the breast when they be
swollen, and heals all diseases in the bladder. It heals the bites of mad dog and it gives courage in a young person.
The book of Gin by Richard Barnett