The Alchemy of Gins, New Masterclass Ginmotive

The Alchemy of Gins: learn about gin botanicals through the art of olfaction.


One of the most under rated senses is that of smell. Explore the diverse word of aromas through nosing gin botanicals; create synergies of perfection that taste delightful. Learn to recognise those elusive nuances, transform your aroma vocabulary by naming those notes. Look into the formulations of “symphonies” in the world of gins by learning about how important the aroma profile of a gin is to the palette , after all 95% of all Flavour comes from your Sense of Smell. Whether it is orris or meadowsweet, cucumber or liquorice, familiarise your nose with the single notes that go to make the complex synergy of the finished gin. This short workshop gives the student an insight into the importance of the sense of smell in the world of food and drinks.

If you wish to improve your knowledge , or attain “connoisseur” status in the fields of wines and/or spirits then ask for a place in this Masterclass at Ginmotive based on world leading expertise and experience in the Science of Aromas, Fragrances and The Sense of Smell.

Whatever your aroma training requirements, the Aroma Academy looks forward to welcoming you as your “Aroma Guide” to experience and master “The Sense of Smell.”

The Academy has developed specific products and programmes focused on the field of "Wines and Spirits" and has developments in-progress in fields as diverse as Perfumery, Fine Food, Medicine and Health and Safety - all based on our core expertise in the Science of Aromas and the Sense of Smell.