London Dry Gin, The King of Gins. Broker´s London Dry Gin Master Class #Ginmotive

London Dry Gin – The king of gins

Broker’s London Dry gin Master Class

They say there is only ever one ‘original’ – that ‘original’ is London Dry Gin, still the only gin style with an EU law on the crafting process

Peter Martin has been in the gin business for over 30 years and will take you through the evolution of the gin category up to the new gins of today with a special emphasis on London Dry Gin.

Despite many new flavoured entrants into the category, London Dry Gins still win more global professional gin competitions than any other style. The Original really is the best.

Broker’s 200 year old London Dry Gin recipe is a classic and has been voted the Best Gin in The World by the ultimate spirit challenge in New York, USA with a world record score of 97 points from 100.  

Come and enjoy a great trip through Gin with a tutored tasting.